What You Need to Know When Moving Your Piano

Let’s imagine you have purchased a stunning new Grand Piano that needs to be moved to your home or perhaps you have a beautiful antique Piano that you need to somehow manoeuvre upstairs to a new location. You’re ready to make some calls and request the pricing to move this prized possession to its new pride-of-place position. So what information do you need to provide to the specialist Piano Movers? We’re here to guide you through the questions you’ll be asked to enable us to determine the complexity of the task at hand, and ultimately provide you with a quote.

We’ll start with the most crucial piece of information. The aspect of removals that requires the most coordination and prior planning. The one element which can cause major delays if the information is misrepresented at the time of the quote. What am I referring to?

Access to the site

We need to know how accessible the Piano is at both the collection site and the delivery site. Here are some questions you’ll be asked;

  • Are there any steps involved?
  • Is it on the ground floor?
  • Are there any staircases or balconies?
  • Is the outside ground level with concrete/paved pathways?
  • Are there any lifts in the building?

This information is critical to ensure we quote the job correctly and allow us to allocate the correct amount of time for each job, and prevent delays for our customers. Equally important for us to establish is the type of Piano that needs moving. Here’s a run-down of the different possibilities and some photos and tips for deciphering each type.

Type of Pianos

  • Upright Piano – smaller with straight back
  • Pianola –larger than an upright, with 2 sets of peddles
  • Baby Grand – Under 6ft
  • Grand Piano – Over 6ft
  • Concert Grand – Usually 9ft long

You may be wondering why these aspects are of such key importance and why it affects the price of the move. The fact is that there is no such thing as a “simple” piano move. This is why it is always recommended to use a specialist piano removalist for such a high value item. Our daily moves can include manoeuvres such as:

  • flipping a piano
  • Using ramps
  • Lifting a piano using special designed straps
  • Using lifts and cranes

With Pianos ranging from 220kgs to upwards of 400kgs, we need to carefully consider which apparatus we need to supply to protect your Piano and your home. For example, we have created our own unique, specially designed trolleys to guarantee as smooth a move as possible. We use ramps and pads to protect steps, stairs and flooring, which combined with our unique piano trolley will guarantee protection for your home.

Each of these variables requires prior preparation and the correct allocation of equipment. We also need to estimate the time taken for each move to ensure that each job is allocated a suitable amount of time to carefully move your Piano while ensuring the safety of our dedicated Piano moving team.

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