Protect your Pool Table All Year Round with a Pool Table Cover

Pool tables are expensive investments. You want them to last you many years, and they will if you take care of them. Pool tables will come into contact with an array of creatures and general debris throughout their lifetime, especially if they’re outdoors. All of these things can cause damage to varying degrees. They can even damage the pool table to the point where it will affect how you play, which is the last thing anyone wants. The team at Perth Piano & Pool Table Movers recommends using one of our high-quality pool table covers to protect your investment and stop it from getting damaged. Keep billiard, snooker or pool tables safe and make sure you get several decades out of them!

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What You Need to Know When Moving Your Piano

Let’s imagine you have purchased a stunning new Grand Piano that needs to be moved to your home or perhaps you have a beautiful antique Piano that you need to somehow manoeuvre upstairs to a new location. You’re ready to make some calls and request the pricing to move this prized possession to its new pride-of-place position. So what information do you need to provide to the specialist Piano Movers? We’re here to guide you through the questions you’ll be asked to enable us to determine the complexity of the task at hand, and ultimately provide you with a quote.

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