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Billiard Table Moving

Billiard Table moving can sometimes be difficult, and that depends on which type of billiard table you have. Billiards refers to any of the cue sports, including all Pool games, Snooker games, and even specific billiards games, like English billiards. So our first question will always be, what size is your billiard table?

7-9ft Billiard Tables

Most of us are familiar with the standard home-size Pool Table. These are generally from 7ft to 9ft (2.14m to 2.74m) and have a single slate base for the playing surface. These pool-style billiard tables need to be carefully dismantled, moved, and reassembled, and finally digitally levelled for the perfect playing surface. Read how we take care of it all for you on our Pool Table Moving page, or book with us now.

Top Rated Accessories

Because we love billiards in all its many forms, we know the game plays best when your accessories are right! That’s why we started The Cue Shop, our online shop for our preferred, recommended, and tested billiards room accessories. If you’re local to us, visit our Wangara show room in person and try before you buy! Or browse our online store and spruce up your games room with top rated new accessories!

9-12ft Billiard Tables

Billiard Tables over 9ft (2.74m) are generally Snooker Tables, and are made with two or three slate base pieces. Dismantling, moving, and reassembling them requires the skills of an experienced technician. These larger tables can be up to 12ft (3.66m) long, and have solid heavy bases to carry their weight. Overall, Snooker Table moving can be tricky, so be sure to book early, and plan for 5 – 7 hours of removals time.

Repairs on The Move

While your billiard table is on the move, it’s the perfect time to take care of any maintenance issues of repairs. We can expertly fill any chips or scratches in the slate base to ensure a super-smooth playing surface, install adjustable feet for easy levelling, repair woodwork, or replace old or worn cloth. We love pool, billiards, and snooker as much as you do, so we want to do the job right! Book now!

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