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Arcade Movers Perth

ACME Carriers knows that you value your possesions and that trusting them to a removalist company can be a daunting idea. That’s why you should trust your fragile items with a specialist fragile removalist company such as ACME Carriers.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation for efficiently and securely moving fragile items, both for commercial and residential clients.

Specialised Handling

We understand the meticulous handling that Arcade Games and Pinball machines require when being handled and transported by Arcade Movers. Our team of Arcade and Pinball Movers are capable of adapting to navigate the unique challenges required when moving these items, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

Tailored Services

As experienced Arcade Movers we understand that each arcade game and pinball machine has specific requirements based on its age, size, and design, that’s why, as Arcade and Pinball Movers we tailor our services to meet the individual needs of your machine. Whether you’re moving a single machine or an entire Arcade setup.

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Our Team At Work

We have over 50 years of Bulky and Heavy Removals experience!

Crane Lifting Piano

Grand Piano moving out through glass doors

Crane Lifting Piano

Grand Piano moving over balcony on a crane

Bulky Removals

Grand Piano arrives safely on the ground!

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