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Family Movers

When great grandfather bought our first moving van back in 1946, we didn’t know that Piano moving and Pool Table moving in Perth would become a family passion… but it has! We’re movers dedicated to managing delicate and awkward items through heavy removals, and our team brings 4 generations of experience and care to every move. Simply put, our family moves your family, just like you’re our family!

Piano and Pool Table Moving

Pianos and Pool Tables need specialty equipment and experience to move. Pianos can become damaged when moved or stored incorrectly, so experienced movers save you time and money on repairs after your move. SnookerBilliard, and Pool Tables need to be carefully dismantled for a move, and rebuilt to exact standards in your new home. Our team takes extra care to perfect your rebuild and digitally level your table for a perfect playing surface.

Short or Long-Term Storage

Our piano and pool table storage is safe and affordable, and available for as little, or as long as you need it. Overseas relocation? Family heirloom no one has space for? Store with us long-term, worry-free! Need your piano out of the way on moving day? Looking to get a pool table out of the way while you refurbish? Our short-term storage is your easy solution!

Refurbishing and Repairs

Our customers know we care, and our reputation for repairing and refinishing Perth’s pool tables and pianos has grown over the years. Pianos may need woodwork repairs or tuning, and we can help with that. Pool players love how we refelt their tables for a fresh smooth playing surface, or repair gouges in woodwork, pockets, or cushions. We can even refurbish your table from top to bottom for the ultimate “new table” look!

Equipped and Experienced

We’re movers with generations of experience with difficult or awkward moves, and our team is better than the rest when it comes to protecting your property, no matter how difficult your move. For piano movingpool table movingstorage, or repairs, let us take care of the hard stuff for you. Call us today!

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Watch Our Team At Work

We have over 50 years of Piano and Pool Table moving, Heavy RemovalsStorage, and Refelting and Repair expertise.

Watch our team move a Pool Table for storage – YouTube Video

Watch our team move an Upright Piano through stairs – Facebook Video

Watch our team move a heavy item with a winch – Facebook Video

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