How We Move a Piano Without Damaging the Piano, Walls and Floors

Acme Carriers (Perth’s) Piano and Pool Table Movers have been successfully moving pianos for homeowners, concert halls, schools, universities, churches and professional piano players across Western Australia and Australia for more than 55 years.

In that time we have perfected the piano moving process and have learnt a thing or two about how to move a piano without damaging the instrument, or our client’s walls or flooring.

Have a read below about what makes our professional moving process the best:


Create a Moving Plan

Before Acme Carriers move a piano, we will plan out the route we will take – from the room the piano was initially stored in, to our moving van, and finally the most appropriate route from the van to its new location. We then make sure that the route is free from any obstacles that could cause accidents or injuries during the move. This is very important to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently and reduces the risk of accidents.


Moving Blankets

We don’t just use any ordinary household blanket. We utilise specially-manufactured, heavy duty piano blankets, that we secure to your piano. Wrapping a piano with moving blankets secured down with heavy-duty packing tape, ropes and/or straps helps to prevent scratches and dents during transit.


Utilise The Right Equipment

Pianos are extremely heavy objects, with the average upright piano and pianola piano weighing anywhere between 227 – 454 kilograms, the average living room grand piano weighing around 318 kilograms and the average concert piano weighing up to 544 kilograms.

Most people will use a four-wheel dolly to transport pianos from one place to another. However, we don’t just utilise any ordinary furniture removalist dolly which can often roll around or not appropriately support pianos – which can lead to unnecessary accidents. Over the last few decades, we have perfected our custom-built piano trolleys to perfectly accommodate any upright piano, pianola or player piano, and all sizes of grand pianos. Our trolleys also feature specially engineered, pneumatic weight-dispersing wheels to avoid any excessive weight or damage to your precious tiles, floorboards or laminate flooring. We also utilise the appropriate equipment such as lifts or cranes if a piano is needing to be lifted over a balcony. Moreover, to ensure your piano is kept secure on the trolley as much as possible, we also utilise our custom-built ramps to assist us in the instance of a few steps. You can see some of our complex-access moves on our Facebook page.


The Right Moving Vehicle

Utilising the right moving vehicle is critical. We do not recommend using just any van, truck or trailer as it is important to ensure the piano is safely secured, and kept out of the elements to reduce internal and external damage. We have custom-built our large moving van to perfectly fit all types of upright and digital pianos, pianolas and grand pianos. Our van also features a hydraulic lift to aid our team in carefully lifting your piano in and out of the truck.

So if you need a piano removalist for your next local or interstate move (departing from or coming to Perth), contact the experienced and friendly team at Acme Carriers Perth Piano and Pool Table Movers today!

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