What’s Involved in Moving a Piano in a Multi-Level Building?

Moving a piano can be a complex task in itself, but when you add complexities such as navigating multiple levels into the equation, the move can become even more complex. 

Whether you are moving into a new apartment, into a two-story house, or even just looking to move your piano upstairs, careful planning and professional assistance are vital to ensure that it is done safely and that your property is protected. In this blog, we will discuss how piano movers such as ACME can assist in moving your piano over multiple levels. 

Assess the Move

Before we even commence the move, we will utilise images sent from you to work out our best access to getting your piano into the desired location. We will access the building layout and work out our best point of entry, whether that be an elevator, upstairs, or through a window or balcony. 

Choose the Path

We will use all this information to decide on the safest and most efficient path to move the piano up the levels in your building, taking into account the size of the piano and its weight. 

Pre-Move Preparation

Now that we know the best way to move the piano to its desired location on your property, we will plan how to do this. In some situations, this may involve us utilising a crane lift and extra hands to get the move done safely and efficiently. We may require permits and permission to do this if we need to block off roads or car parks in apartment blocks. If we are moving up complex stairwells, we will need to work with the building manager for permission. 

Safety Measures

As always, safety is at the top of our priorities for both our team and your property. We will only move the piano in a way that we believe is safe. That means if using a crane, although more expensive, is the safest solution (as opposed to going up three flights of stairs as an example), then we will suggest that the move be conducted this way. Keep in mind that doing this not only keeps our team safe but also ensures that your piano does not get damaged through narrow stairwells. 

Specialised Equipment

We utilise a wide array of specialised equipment to assist in moving your piano that ‘regular’’ movers don’t utilise to ensure your piano is moved safely. This includes specially designed dollies and hoists. These tools assist us in navigating tight spaces, including staircases. We also have floor coverings and padding to protect your walls, doorways, and flooring. 

Piano Storage Perth

Do you need your piano moved from its current location but don’t currently have the ability to move it to your new premises? Don’t stress! We offer Perth Piano Storage solutions, offering a home for your piano until you are comfortable with us moving it into your new building. 

Professional Piano Movers

ACME Perth Piano Movers are experts when it comes to moving pianos in difficult situations. Whether that be in tight spaces or up to multiple stories We offer a service that no traditional Perth Mover will offer. We own pianos ourselves and understand how important they are to you. As such, we treat your piano like it’s our own, utilising our special equipment to get it where it needs to be, whether that be in Perth and surrounding suburbs or interstate

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