Piano Removal Specialists

Are you looking for a specialist piano moving service in Perth that you can trust?

We have been helping people just like you safely transport awkward and heavy pianos.

Many years ago (over 50) we discovered the need for specialist moving services. We noticed how general moving companies did not have the experience or right equipment for Piano Moving or Pool Table Moving.

Pianos are expensive and often sentimental pieces of equipment. It is important to ensure you move your piano safely for both your own well-being and that of your piano!

Why Do I Need a Specialist Piano Removal Service?

Standard Grand Pianos can weigh up to a hefty 680kg and they are not easy to move around!

Did you know that Upright Pianos can weigh up to 408kg, Grand Pianos up to 680kg and Concert Grant Pianos can be even more.

Not only are they heavy, but they are also incredibly delicate. Even the smallest amount of damage can affect how your piano plays.

Plus, any damage will need to be repaired and that’s a bill we can bet you don’t want to receive.

With a professional piano moving service, you are getting the best when it comes to safely transporting your precious piano and it takes that weight off your shoulders.

Specialist piano movers have extensive experience in how to move pianos and have access to the custom designed equipment and removal vans to protect your piano during its move.

With our expert knowledge, we can plan, protect, and transport your piano wherever you need it to go. We use cushions, blankets, and piano-safe straps that have all been designed to give the perfect amount of protection to keep your piano safe on its journey.


Why should you choose ACME Carriers Perth Piano & Pool Table Movers & Storage?

As a family-run business, we have over 50 years’ experience in the industry. We use that knowledge and expertise to provide the best moving service for your piano.

We know exactly how to perfectly store and protect your piano as we take it to its new home. Whether it is just a short Piano Move around Perth or if you are moving a further away (Interstate Piano Removals)

We don’t do generic moves, our vehicle and equipment, not to mention our team are specialists in piano removal. We use specialist equipment and customised vehicles to protect and support your piano.

Many removal services won’t even consider moving items like pianos because they lack experience, confidence, and the insurance needed to transport them.

However, here at ACME Carriers Perth Piano & Pool Table Movers & Storage, we have all the skills and tools so you can feel confident that you get the very best service with us.


Specialists In Piano Moving

There are important steps that all movers must take when moving a piano, steps that only a specialist in piano moving can be trusted with.

These skills ensure swift service and zero damage to your fragile instrument.

ACME Carriers Perth Piano & Pool Table Movers & Storage is the piano removal team you have been searching for.


Still not sure? Checkout ACME Carriers Perth Piano & Pool Table Movers & Storage Google Reviews. We have transported pianos for hundreds of families and businesses over the years.

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